The Love Loud Challenge

As our community continues to deal with the stress of the health crisis, we’re challenging our Station Church members to look for opportunities to be LOVE LOUD and serve their neighbors in a practical way.

Even if your neighbors say they don’t need help, continue to offer. Sometimes accepting assistance from a stranger, or even a friend, can feel awkward.

Don’t forget to be intentional and bold when asking your neighbors how you can pray for them during this time!

From Where You Are

Send a digital gift card.

Call and text neighbors to check in.

Organize errands for the elderly and the immunocompromised (pick up medications, groceries, necessities, etc.).

Ask your neighbors if they work in the medical field and how you can pray for them specifically. (via your neighborhood Facebook group – so others can pray along too)

Check in on the mental health and physical health of those around you.

Order food delivery for a household in your neighborhood .

Host a mom’s coffee Zoom call. Invite each neighbor mom/lady to the call. Encourage and check in on each other/find community. 

With Just a Little Moving Around

Write your neighbors a letter and place it on their front door/porch. Explain who you are, if they do not know you, and give your contact info and address. Let your neighbors know you are willing to help, pray, or just be a listening ear.

Use sidewalk chalk to share words of hope and scripture verses.

Leave thank you notes for mail and package couriers.

Leave small gifts/pre-packaged treats at neighbors doors or at your life group members doors.

If you have extra soap, toilet paper or other staple items, leave a care package at your neighbor’s door with a funny note of encouragement.

Send cards to those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities OR if given permission: arrange a meeting through the windows, sing them a song, ask to paint a picture on a window in acrylic paint.

Donate blood (make an appointment first but according to healthcare workers this is still a huge need). We have contacted the American Red Cross about potentially hosting a blood drive at The Station Church. More details will come in the days ahead.

A Little Interaction

Feed and watch other people’s kids while schools are closed.

Provide childcare for neighbors who are medical workers or in essential jobs.

Create a neighborhood walking/driving scavenger hunt for the kids. An egg hunt before Easter would be great!

Set up games and races that your children can do across the street from each other or in separate driveways.

Perform a porch “concert” for a neighbor similar to what these kids did for an elderly neighbor

Task Mastering

Mow grass for a neighbor.

Offer to plant shrubs/flowers.

Spray wash a neighbor’s house.

Mend a fence.

Getting Up and Going Out

If you’re running to the store, ask your neighbors if they need anything.

Take a neighbor to a medical appointment.

Pick up a prescription for someone.