Tim Hess

Student Pastor

Tim Hess is the student minister at The Station.  Tim has a B.S. in Mass Communications from The University of Montevallo.  He enjoys playing golf, video games, and writing. Tim and his wife, Bekka, have three children:  Abbie, Reid, and Cooper.  Bekka teaches sixth grade at Helena Middle School.  They live in Helena, Alabama.


Food: Yellow Fin Tuna (Sashimi)
Snack Food: chips & salsa
Song: 80’s music
Movie: The Good Bad & the Ugly
TV Show: Seinfeld
Musical Artist(s): U2
Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Actress: Katherine Hepburn
Time of Day: 5:00 p.m. (everyone’s home)
Season: Summer
Place in the World: Bora Bora (I’ve never been there)
Vacation Spot: St. George Island
Recreational Activity/Hobby: working on my basement
Place to Pray: In my basement
Book: The Silver Sword
Author: Ian Serraillier
Book of the Bible: Psalm
Bible Character: Paul
Sport: Basketball
Sports Team: Boston Celtics
Place to Shop: Bass Pro Shops
Holiday: Easter
Quote: “Those without swords can still die upon them.”


Time of Day: 3:00 a.m.
Food: ?
Place in the World: Myrtle Beach (long story)
Season: Winter
Holiday: Groundhog Day (it’s very redundant)


Fact most people don’t know about me: I wear bathing suits when I run out of underwear.
Three people I’d like to meet: Ronald Reagan, George Patton, Abraham Lincoln
Most famous person I’ve ever met: Charles Barkley
My hero: Aside from Jesus..My grandad
One of my greatest experiences with God: I was at a youth camp when I was 20. (I know a little old right?). I realized that younger people in our youth group really were looking up to me. It was the first of several wakeup calls in my life.

You can reach Tim by email at timbekka@yahoo.com