VII: What The Spirit Is Saying to the Church

John was 90 years old exiled to the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea when he was given a vision from Jesus about what is to come. Jesus had a message for seven churches in Asia to encourage and to warn: Ephesus, Laodicea, Thyarita, Philadelphia, Pergamum, Smyrna, and Sardis. These were actual churches, but they also represent every church. Let he who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

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The Lukewarm Church

June 25, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

The Church at Laodicea had grown indifferent about Christ and it made Jesus sick to His stomach. What was Jesus's cure for lukewarmness? Open up every door of your life to Him.

The Church Jesus Applauds

June 18, 2023

Kevin Blackwell

The Church at Philadelphia was a church that Jesus placed an open door in front of and encouraged them to faithfully step through into the ministry and mission that He was calling them to.

The Dead Church

June 11, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

The Church at Sardis had a reputation in town for being alive, but Jesus knew their real condition: they were dead. Dead because they were full of people who were attached to the church, but not to the Vine, Jesus Christ.

Tolerance and Truth

June 4, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

The Church at Thyatira was a comprosing church. They were trying to justify trying to hold onto the world while also trying to hold onto Jesus. This false teaching led to pagan idolatry in the church that caused perverted immorality.

Conquering In Christ

May 28, 2023

Mark David Bradford, Missions and Disciplemaking Pastor

The Church at Pergamum had a problem many churches have today. They were infected with cultural Christianity. As Paul had already warned the Corinthian church, a little leaven infects the entire lump of dough. 

Faith Under Pressure

May 21, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

The Church at Smyrna is one of two churches that Jesus has only commendation and no condemnation. These believers were facing immense persecution and are an example of how to have faith under pressure.

Banging Cymbals in the Dark

May 14, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

The Church at Ephesus had alot going for it. They were doctrinally sound with great spiritual discernment and a commitment to purity. But they had left their first love. Jesus told them to remember, repent, and restart doing the things they did when they first followed Jesus.