Joy to the World!

When the angels appeared to the shepherds on the night of Jesus's birth, they sang, "Fear not, for behold I bring you good news of great joy which shall be to all people." Looking at the announcement of the angels, we see the reason why the good news of Jesus truly brings joy to the world!

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The Reason For the Good News

December 18, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

There is good news of great joy because Jesus has come as Savior, Messiah, and Lord! Have you made your heart a manger to receive the King? 


The Reach of the Good News

December 11, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

The Gospel is good news because of who it is from. Now God has called believers to be His ambassadors. That means the message is from Him but it is through you. And it is for everyone everywhere.


The Reality of the Good News

December 4, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

In order to understand how good the Gospel is, it is helpful to remind ourselves of how sinful we are and how dark our world is. Contrasting the Light of Christ with the darkness of the world is the gist of this message.