Goodness in the Middle

We trust God at the start when we know He is good. We trust God with the end knowing that He is faithful.  We know that He is the Alpha, the beginning. We know that He is Omega, the end. But what about now? In the midst of trials and tribulations with so many things going on in our world?  Can we trust Him with our today?  Can we see His goodness here in the middle?

Check out messages from the Goodness in the Middle Series Below!

Goodness and Mercy

November 27, 2022

Mark David Bradford, Missions Pastor

The 23rd Psalm is David's testimony about the goodness of God as well as his prayer about the goodness of God. God's goodness and mercy pursues us all the days of our lives. 


The Shepherd's Presence

November 20, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

Our Lord is a Shepherd who is with us. His presence is constant. His presence is comforting. His presence gives confidence. No wonder David exclaimed that his cup was overflowing! 


For His Name's Sake

November 13, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

Our Shepherd not only leads us on paths of righteousness, but He carved the paths of righteousness for us. Since our righteousness is as filthy rags, the path He leads us on leads to the cross where He exchanges our rags with His righteousness.


Led By The Shepherd

November 6, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

This message looks at verses 2-3 of the 23rd Psalm and specifically how our Good Shepherd leads us to rest, refreshment, and renewal. He is a personal Shepherd as evidenced by the 19 times David uses the pronouns I, me, and my.  Do you know God personally like that?


The Lord Is My Shepherd

October 30, 2022

Pastor Randy Norris

Perhaps the most famous chapter in the Bible, David begins the 23rd Psalm with the words, "The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack." How could he say that? Because he knew that his Good Shepherd was close by and everything he needed was in Him.