This Is My Story

People have fundamental questions and they are searching for answers. When Jesus encountered people in the Gospels, He not only answered their biggest questions, He transformed their lives and gave them a purpose for living. He does the same for us today giving us all a unique story to tell to the nations, our neighbors, and the next generation.

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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

May 7, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

It's been 60 years since Jesus and John last saw each other, but that all changed on the island of Patmos. Jesus appeared to John with a message of encouragement that He was there when everything started and He would be the last One standing and currently, He is working in and through His Church.


Saved For a Mission

April 30, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

The conversion of Saul of Tarsus into Paul the Apostle is proof that God can take the worst of the worst and turn him into the best of the best. When God saved Paul, it wasn't just for the moment, rather God saved Paul for the mission. 


My Lord and My God

April 23, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

If you find yourself questioning what God is doing and you are struggling to make sense of His plan, look at the nail-scarred hands of Jesus and remember that when life is falling apart or when others let you down, nobody will ever love you like Jesus loves you.


Life on Fire

April 16, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

In Luke 24, on the day of Jesus's resurrection, he encounters two unknown disciples walking to Emmaus. His strategy to reach them was to reveal the truth of the Word of God with the truth of the resurrection of Christ. The result? Their life was set on fire.


See and Believe

April 9, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

How do you "see" the empty tomb? Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, or do you believe in the risen Jesus where you have put your total trust in Him and Him alone? 


Truth and Grace

April 2, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

When Jesus encountered the grieving Mary and Martha over the death of their brother and His close friend, Lazarus, we see Him respond to both of them in completely different ways, with truth and grace. Then Jesus gave Lazarus back his life knowing that it would cost Him His own life. He does the same for us.


Spiritual Blindness

March 26, 2023

Kevin Blackwell

Twice in Mark 10, Jesus asked someone this question: "What do you want me to do for you?" The difference in how this question was answered, first by the disciples and then by a blind man named Bartimaeus reveals there is a level of blindness that goes beyond physical sight. One may see fine physically, but be spiritually blind to who Jesus is. 


To Seek and To Save

March 19, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

Jesus encounter with Zacchaeus is one of the most famous conversations in the entire Bible. In this conversation, Jesus gives His purpose statement for His life, "The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." 

What Do I Lack?

March 12, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

Jesus encountered the rich young ruler and put His divine finger on the heart of the young man's problem. He had many earthly treasures and his earthly treasures had his heart. Jesus called him to let go of his things and then follow Him. 

Do You Want to Be Healed?

March 5, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

Jesus saw the invalid man at Bethesda's pool and asked him if he wanted to be healed? You must answer that same question as well? If you do, you must get up, take up your mat, and walk. And being made well, you must sin no more. This miracle isn't about healing. It is about holiness.


Jesus Sees You

February 12, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

When Jesus encountered Nathaniel in John 2, Nathaniel was skeptical that Jesus could be the One he had been looking for, the promised Messiah. But Jesus saw Nathaniel and Nathaniel knew that Jesus knew his entire story and loved him anyway. 


You Must Be Born Again

February 19, 2023

Pastor Randy Norris

When Nicodemus encountered Jesus at night, he was confronted with the question of who gets to decide who God is and how God works. He thought he knew until Jesus confounded him with the words, "you must be born again." 


Don't Re-write Your Story

February 26, 2023

Kevin Blackwell

When Jesus asked His disciples if they were going to leave Him like so many others did, they responded, "Where else would we go? You have the words of life." When Jesus writes your story, don't fall to the tempation to re-write it.