We have all been there. The weather gets warmer, school comes to a close, vacations get planned, and church takes a back seat. It is easy for us to coast through the summer and ignore our relationship with God. We convince ourselves that we will pick up where we left off when summer comes to a close. This can be detrimental to our spiritual lives. How can we leave our summer break with a stronger relationship with God than we had before the break started? Join us starting June 6th for our newest series: The Dog Days of Summer.


Dog Days: Simple Steps of Obedience

June 20, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

Everyone has a next step. The best thing you can do to stay out of a spiritual slump is identify your next step and live a life of simple obedience. 

Dog Days: The Importance of Time Spent In God's Word

June 13, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

In this message, Pastor Randy preaches on the importance of a relationship with Jesus that is built on time in God's Word. 

Dog Days: Recognizing the Signs of a Spiritual Slump

June 6, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

In this introductory message to our new summer series, Pastor Randy look at the signs in the Apostle Peter's life that might have led to his denial of Jesus on the night of His betrayal and arrest.

Follow Me

May 30, 2021

Pastor Mark David Bradford

In this follow-up message to The Familiar Wilderness, Pastor Mark David continues the study from Matthew 4 and Jesus' call to the first disciples.

The Familiar Wilderness

May 23, 2021

Pastor Mark David Bradford

In this message from Matthew 4, the obedient Son of God journeys into the wilderness, inviting us to do the same.

Just Sayin': Praying Others To the Kingdom

May 16, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

In this follow-up message from Mother's Day and Colossians 4:2-6, Paul encourages believers to pray regularly and to have words and actions that help others come to Jesus.

Just Sayin': Mother's Day 2021

May 9, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

As believers, we are called to be devoted to prayer. As parents, we are to be watchful in prayer for the sake of our families. 

Just Sayin': The Sickness of Gossip

May 2, 2021

Pastor Mark David Bradford

Complaining leads to fear. Fear leads to lack of trust. Lack of trust leads to gossip. And gossip always leads to rebellion against God.

Just Sayin': Griping and Grumbling

April 25, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

If we aren't careful, complaining will become the background noise of our lives and drown out everything else the world hears from us.

Just Sayin': Prayer and Praise

April 18, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

Our words have power when we use our mouths in the way that God intended.

Just Sayin': One Little Spark

April 11, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

Watch the introductory message in our current series on the power of our words from James 3:1-10.

Easter: What Does the Resurrection Mean For You?

April 4, 2021

Pastor Randy Norris

Watch Pastor Randy Norris's Easter message on the difference it makes when you meet the resurrected Christ.


Randy Norris is the founding pastor of The Station. He is married to Susan and they have five children: Timothy, Paul, Matthew, Abby, and John Mark. He and his family live in Hoover, Alabama.  He has a B.A. in Communications from The University of Alabama, a Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School, and a Doctorate of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Susan is a teacher at Hoover High School.