Cultivate Disciplemaking

  by Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris

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Cultivate Disciplemaking

Through God's glorious design tiny acorns become mighty oaks, which produce and create more mighty oaks. The same is true for disciples of Jesus. Through God's design, we are called to grow from acorns to mighty oaks planted for His glory! All Christians are called to make an impact on those around them for the glory of God. As with acorns, Christians have the potential of experiencing a breakthrough of exponential growth as their roots become established.

Based on hundreds of conversations with church leaders we have found that very few churches have implemented a well-thought-out process for making disciples who make disciples. Disciplemaking denotes a process of growing as a disciple which leads to investing in others for the purpose of making more disciples. Effective disciplemaking is always relationally driven, based on the model of Jesus as He intentionally invested in deep relationships with His disciples. In Cultivate Disciplemaking you will see how God is forming us in Christ to have maximum impact on the nations, our neighbors, and the next generation.

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About the Strategy

The brand new book by Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris give you the tools needed to be a disciple who makes disciples. The book puts forth a 4 "i" strategy that will take a person on a journey of discovering their identity in Christ, their intimacy with Christ, their instructions from Christ, and ultimately their impact for Christ.  

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The Cultivate Disciplemaking Podcast includes not only an Introduction to the Cultivate process, but also for all twenty sessions of Cultivate Disciplemaking. 

What others are saying...

"In Cultivate Disciplemaking, Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris have given us a marvelous tool to multiply followers of Jesus. The process in this writing will yield disciples that are like trees firmly planted by streams of water yielding fruit in its season. Their four I's will pave a clear path in teaching people to abide in the vine and bear fruit that remains."

--Ted Traylor,


Olive Baptist Church, 

Pensacola, Florida


"Disciplemaking is key to Christian ministry--and to the Christian life. That's why I'm thankful Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris have given us Cultivate Disciplemaking. I hope this accessible resource will get wide usage, and lead to more and better established disciples of Christ." 

--Dr. Jeff Allen


Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"There are two great areas of failure in the American church that have led to generational decline: our failure to disciple our people, and our failure to make disciples who make disciples. In Cultivate Disciplemaking, Kevin and Randy address both of these issues by laying down a process for leading believers to become disciples and then equipping them to make more disciples."

Dr. Scott Guffin,

Executive Director of Christian Ministry,

Samford University

"Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris have given the church a great gift in Cultivating Disciplemaking. Not only do they lay out a simple yet effective process and pathway to make disciples, they encourage and equip readers along the way. Disciplemaking is the command and commission of Jesus and Kevin and Randy pull back the curtain to let us see how God is using their church to fulfill the Great Commission (and very effectively I might add!)"

--Eric Taylor,


Bethel Baptist Church

Birmingham, Alabama


"This book has forever changed my spiritual walk with Jesus. After completing the book I now feel confident that I have the tools to be a disciple-maker. The layout of the book makes it easy to digest and implement what you've learned. No matter how long you have walked with Jesus, this book is for all."


An Amazon Review

"This book is a GREAT resource for understanding what it means to make disciples for Christ, and how to implement a biblical disciple-making strategy in your life, ministry, and church. I don’t think any other disciple-making book captures and explains this biblical practice the way Blackwell and Norris do."


An Amazon Review


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